Why Take the Risk of Running Servers Locally?

In the broadest sense, yes, public clouds do the same thing. But once you start to dig a little deeper, public clouds can be very different. Microsoft’s Azure, above all, provides an excellent way for your business to acclimate to certain elements of the cloud.

Let's Get Started

Why the hype about cloud solutions?

Besides the multiple layers of enterprise-grade security, reduced energy costs, and ease of accessibilty, the cloud scales with your business. Whether you're adding another location down the block or across the ocean, the cloud provides a simpilier way to keep your business connected and safe.

Custom solutions for your business

The cloud doesn't have to be "all-or-nothing." Feeling uneasy about transitioning? Start small – such as email migration, or data backup and recovery. These can be implemented without forcing a complete overhaul of existing processes.

Consistency everywhere

Get a consistent experience everywhere! With Azure cloud services, you can move virtual machines "as-is" back and forth between on-premises and the cloud.

Azure supports the broadest selection of devices, operating systems, databases, languages, frameworks, and tools

Azure's integrated tools, unified services, and proven solutions help you build enterprise, mobile, web, and Internet of Things (IoT) apps faster, for virtually any platform or device.

There's no steep learning curve with Azure

unlike with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As you can choose from a vast array of third party tools, solutions, and partner-developed applications via the Azure marketplace.

System management tasks are automated

enabling developers to focus on apps using Azure's Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, the underlying Operating System (OS). This leads to faster on-boarding to the public cloud and lets customers quickly develop apps.

Microsoft matches AWS pricing for all commodity public cloud offerings

Azure brings more compute capacity than AWS in the instances we offer; so Azure beats AWS on a price-to-performance comparison.