Business and Beer

Business and Beer is proudly presented by Vision Computer Solutions. Hosted by Brian Spurgeon and Charles Lobert of VCS.

Drafting Table

From the very beginning, Aaron’s hometown Wixom, Michigan was the ideal location for the Drafting Table. With a walk-able downtown area, variety of restaurants and close proximity to subdivisions with sidewalks and bike paths, these elements were most important. Since Drafting Table does not serve food, the goal is to encourage patrons to bring food from their favorite local dining spots.

North Center Brewing Company

North Center Brewing Co. is proud to be a part of the Michigan brewing family.  We strive to incorporate all things Michigan not only in our beer but in everything that went into making it and our brewery.

Kuhnhenn Brewery

We make beer. Delicious beer. Beer-flavored beer for people who like beer. We craft beers with distinct personalities; as distinct and unique as our own. This is not just a job for us; this is our life. We’re not that good at other stuff, but we’re good at this.

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