Leading the Digital Transformation: Microsoft Office 365

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The digital world is advancing at amazing speeds - all fueled by the cloud. Continued business success will rely on embracing a digital transformation, one that connects your people, data, and processes. Vision Computer Solutions will help you tackle these challenges to optimize your business for future growth and success.

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Innovate WithConnected Collaboration

Office 365 is designed to enable its users to share, collaborate, and communicate simultaneously. One of the unique features of Office 365 is the ability to create Team Sites in Sharepoint. Team Sites are collaboration spaces for your teams. These highly customizable spaces have a variety of tools and widgets that can help boost your company’s productivity and profits.

Customized For Your Business Size

Under 50 Employees?

The way we work is changing; business is operating at a faster pace and frequently across time zones and locations. Thanks to Office 365, work like your team is all in one room, even when you’re not. Make decisions and move forward fast when you integrate Office 365 offerings into your processes and continue your business growth.

Over 50 Employees

If you have 50 or more people in your organization, then the dependability of your technology is a high priority. With some of the strongest software solutions on the market today for project collaboration and communication, you will get the best resources for your team and line of work. Because your IT solutions package is customizable, you will never pay for more services than you need.


Your team is working to better the community, you should have access to the best tools in the industry at a price point that doesn’t take away from your philanthropic efforts. Contact us today to learn more about how Office 365 will work for your non-profit.

I explained my confusing problem to Vision Computer Solutions and they were understanding, easy to talk with and… actually kinda funny! Our problem was solved quickly and professionally! The entire process was just really easy.

Being able to solve IT problems is what we hired VCS to do, but the consistent way they communicate, the quality of work provided by pleased employees and the alignment to our IT philosophy make them a true partner.