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Don't Settle For Less Than The Best

Whether you’re moving to a new location or you’re looking to overhaul your current network, don’t settle for anything less than a comprehensive approach performed by a team of experts. Learn how Vision Computer Solutions can make your technology dreams a reality.

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How We Make Your Project Seamless:

From virtual cloud data to physical endpoint files and the systems that process it all, our total data protection makes your business invincible, secure, and instantly restorable at any time.

Build the Relationship

Before recommending any solution, we sit down with you to understand your business goals, technology hurdles, and up-time expectations.

Full Assessment

Our team then does a full assessment of your current environment and reviews your new location if applicable.

Scope of Work

You, the client, are then provided a project plan and a scope of work to ensure our team and your team are on the same page, every step of the way.

Project Completion & Maintenance

As the project wraps up, our team will do an internal alignment meeting if you are continuing on our Foresite Managed Services plan.

What Our Clients Say

Vision Computer Solutions has designed for my company a small business network in two locations, and continues to be my key technical advisor. Vision Computer Solutions serves as an advisor to both our computer and networking needs. They have been an invaluable resource to me for my business needs both in Michigan and now in my Chicago location.

In 2004, Interstate Title, Inc. employed VCS to do a complete server upgrade and install. After demonstrating their commitment to affordable services and customer satisfaction, a relationship was formed. VCS always puts the best interest of their clients FIRST. VCS successfully negotiated a lower monthly fee with our Internet Service Provider, cutting our bill by 50% a month – a savings of $3,000 a year.

Take Your Move to the Next Level

Why settle for subpar IT support once your new network is up and running? Get white-glove treatement everyday with VCS's ForeSite Managed Services.

What Should You Be ConsideringWhen Selecting a Vendor?

Ask for references! Your vendor should be able to prove they have a track record of success with companies like yours.

Does the vendor you're considering provide you an implementation plan? If they do not, consider this a red flag! How can they quickly and effectively improve your environment with no plan?

The vendor you're considering should interview you about your business requirements. They should be taking into account things such as your operation of hours (to avoid downtime) when developing an implementation.

Has the vendor asked to come to your location? Sure, initial conversations can be on the phone or off-site, but to truly understand the solutions best for your organization, the vendor needs to see your space.